At the heart of our services is a commitment to ensuring the highest standards, leveraging the latest technology, and driving the best results. It’s with this in mind that our team here at AI nMind, in parallel with our core team at Hope Games, worked tirelessly to develop our three core services.

Designed to helps organisations with existing online chat and support functionality, AiPilot is a solution that takes over a vast majority of your repetitive and simple customer questions - easing the burden on your agents. Learn how it works!

Our AI customization service is built on the world largest and most renowned Pandorabots platform. Our solutions are uniquely built to support a wide array of organizational operations - from marketing to customer services, to messaging, and more! Learn how it works!

Increasingly valuable in the globalised business landscape, our simulated contact center is one of our most coveted services. We help many contact centers train their representatives within the context of real world scenarios. Learn how it works!

In the event a human agent takes over a call or chat conversation, the AiCo-Pilot suggests intelligent responses to customer questions, enabling your agents to be more helpful and increasing customer satisfaction. Learn how it works!