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Ai CallSim

Contact Center Simulator

A disruptive AI technology

Hosted on the Amazon Cloud and powered by the most advanced voice recognition and AI tech, Ai CallSim is an online, web-based application ready to help train agents - 24/7 through any computer connected to the internet in any part of the world.
How it works

How it Works

All your agents need to do is log in to the simulator from any pre-approved location with their unique username and password via Chrome. Agents can then engage with AI-customer bots - using the same headsets and devices that would be used in real-life situations.

The simulator fosters a real-world environment for agents to engage in and have natural customer service conversations. The solution is programmed to flag situations in which agents communicate incorrectly - suggesting potential alternative phrases. The simulator also has a tutor functionality built-in to support English language skills development.

Core Benefits

Core Benefits

  • Real-world simulation capabilities that create the ideal learning environment

  • Built-in, AI-powered English language skills development capabilities

  • Instant feedback and immediate corrections/suggestions

  • Accessible via a pre-approved computer from anywhere in the world

  • AI-customer bots can programmed to have a range of English accents such as American, British, Australian etc.

  • Unique simulations of varying complexity - preparing agents for all types of queries

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Our plans:
We offer four monthly plans suitable for any small, medium, and large contact centers. Each plan is assigned a number of accounts and data streams. One account is assigned and used by a single CSR. Each plan is assigned a number of data streams or interactions between the CSR and the bot and speech recognition. Additional accounts or data streams are available on request.


Monthly Plans

Small:        50 Accounts – 25,000 streams -                        $99

Medium:    100 Accounts – 50,000 streams -                     $150

Large:        500 Accounts – 250,000 streams -                    $499

Enterprise:  Unlimited Accounts – 750,000 streams -      $999

Our customers have the option of deploying their own scripted conversations within the simulator and, if required, can opt to have the user interface modified to match their own software. The simulator can be set to require agents to strictly follow a given script, or tolerances can be built into the script to enable the agent to add their own words into the conversation. We pride ourselves on being able to give our users maximum flexibility with the end goal of optimal results.

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