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Slash Costs

Chatbots will save $ billions 

Source Fortune

Chatbots yield a strong return on investment for companies when supplemented with a contact center agent (Source TechTarget).  According to Juniper research companies using Chatbots are experiencing an average time savings of 4 minutes per customer inquiry.  Marks and Spencer has reported that 70% of customer inquiries are now being handled by their chatbot without human intervention.
Chatbot benefits aren't just limited to savings; companies such as 1-800-flowers, elMejurTrato and Marks and Spencer, are increasing their sales revenues by millions of dollars! The mobile giant Vodafone has expanded the use of its Tobi chatbot due to its highly successfully ability to streamline the sales process and engage customers.
How it works

Omni Channel

Today's customers expect their service request to be fast and easy regardless of the channel they choose to use. However, despite the fact that 90% of consumers prefer to use messengers for connecting with a business; the majority of businesses are still not yet equipped to communicate with their customers through messaging!  Source Twilio

AiAutomate provides a complete real-time omni channel solution. Your customers can contact you by chat, text, mobile or the web. 

Your AiAutomate command center is available 24/7 and can support your customers on virtually all of their devices and modern messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram and many more.



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Core Benefits

Happy Customers

With AiAutomate your customers receive immediate service, no more waiting in annoying call queues.  Slash customer inquiry handling time by 50% or more!

80% of customer inquiries being handled by human agents, are for the same repetitive (often mundane) issues. Let AiAutomate handle those repetitive customer inquiries, freeing up your time for issues that require the human touch.

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