By 2020 - 85% of customer service will be handled by chatbots rather than humans Source: Gartner

AI nMind

Disruptive AI

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Automate Your Call Center

Automate your contact center and slash costs with the AiPilot artificially intelligent CRM solution.  



AiPilot CRM  Agent Warning System

With our AiPilot CRM proprietary green-yellow-red Agent Warning System; a single agent can simultaneously assist and monitor multiple calls and chats between the customer and the AiPilot virtual agent. 

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Empower Your Contact Center


Cut Costs

Using Ai Pilot as the front line virtual agent your contact center can can dramatically cut its operating costs.

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Omni Channel

AI Pilot provides a complete omni channel solution. Customers can contact you by telephone, chat, mobile or the web.


Happy Agents

AI coPilot makes it easy for agents to find the best solution for customer issues, and happy low-stress agents equals happy customers.

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Ai Custom

Our flagship customization service will provide your contact center with a complete solution that will automate much of contact center operations as well as cutting your operating costs.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

RPA will enable you to bridge the gap between front office agents (humans and virtual) and complex enterprise systems, making it easier to deliver effortless customer experiences.  

Ai CallSim

One of our most coveted services, our contact center simulator helps Fortune 50 contact centers identify and train their CSRs in the context of realistic scenarios, with significant ease.