Ai CoPilot

Your Call Center CoPilot

Your agents will no longer have to hunt through knowledge bases. AiCoPilot anticipates what each customer needs, and suggests the best answer to your agents. AiCoPilot learns from every customer experience with your best agents, so all your agents become top performers.


Intelligent Guidance

How Ai CoPilot Works

Ai CoPilot continually runs in the background analyzing the customer-agent conversation. In the event that AiPilot hands off a customer to an agent, Ai CoPilot will determine the customers goal, and recommend to the agent the best path for the agent to communicate to the customer.


Ai CoPilot Benefits

  • Your CoPilot learns from every agent interaction

  • No more need for Knowledge Bases

  • Much faster and helpful customer responsive

  • Reduces agent burden = happier agents

  • Harnesses the power of Humans and AI


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