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Your Call Center on Auto Pilot

With AiPilot you can run you call center virtually on auto pilot.  Your AiPilot can handle the vast majority of your normal, repetitive day-to-day customer support inquiries.  However, in the event of a non-standard or difficult customer support situation, your AiPilot will immediately notify your human agents to begin closely monitoring or if necessary take over the conversation.
How it works
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AiPilot CRM

Agent Warning System

With our AiPilot CRM proprietary green-yellow-red Agent Warning System; a single agent can simultaneously assist and monitor multiple calls and chats between the customer and the AiPilot virtual agent.

AiPilot continuously analyzes customer conversations for both positive and negative sentiment. When a mid level warning phrase is detected, the AiPilot  flashes the agent a yellow warning signal, and when a high level warning is detected the AiPilot will flash the agent a red warning signal.

Core Benefits

AiPilot Benefits

  • Happy Customers - Happy Agents

  • Slash Call Center Costs

  • Powered By Artificial Intelligence

  • Omni Channel

  • Reduces the burden on CSRs

  • Automate Your Customer Service

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